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How We Work

Each individually tailored project begins with a lifestyle analysis and assessment of existing resources and may include layout proposals, furnishings recommendations, purchasing options, supervised installation and strategies for future adaptations.

  1. It starts with an on-site interview, from which A House & A Home develops a user profile, synthesizing personal lifestyle, functional requirements, design preferences and unique considerations. This is a very important step. The profile is used to ensure that room designs reflect personal styles, desires and needs.
  2. A creative proposal offers several design solutions and options which, through consultation with the client, results in a creative plan, timeline, contract and budget.
  3. Clients are invited to participate as much or as little as desired in project execution. A House & A Home can complete the plan without any client involvement, or cooperatively supervise existing client resources (contractors, staff, family, etc.) to share the work, or provide detailed plans to be totally executed by others.
  4. Working directly with clients Mr. Hedges ensures that revisions and change orders are simple and efficient, allowing creative goals, timelines and budgets to be met. Projects are not complete until clients are satisfied.
  5. When projects involve the purchase of furnishings, shopping is made efficient and even fun with Mr. Hedges offering carefully selected options within budgets and then utilizing purchasing leverage with retailers and managing delivery and installation. Clients can sit back and let solutions come to them or participate in "shopping expeditions" with Mr. Hedges.
  6. Some projects include future design strategies, providing direction for enhancements, changes and upgrading as client needs and resources change in the future.