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Interior Designs Solutions

A House & A Home can transform a home with a new look by utilizing the many wonderful things a client already possesses. In as little as one day a room can be transformed from ordinary into one that is beautiful and practical at the same time. Clients get more enjoyment and better use of their spaces, and it is all done within a style that is personally comforting.

Some clients are actively involved in installation, while others prefer to return to their newly completed space after a day away, letting A House & A Home handle all the details. Whatever your preference, A House & A Home can make your home more functional, express your style and you are and creates a sense of harmony, making your home someplace that you want to spend time in and invite others to enjoy with you.

The design process begins with Mr. Hedges and you just talking about your likes or dislikes, who you are and what you want your home to be. We "work" together through the process of redecorating.

Mr. Hedges finds the optimum way of arranging you home, using the items in your home that you already possess and loved enough have in your home. He arranges your home to be a comfortable fit, reflecting who you are. After all, a beautiful décor doesn't make sense unless it directly enhances the lives that it concerns.