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Redecorating - Future Design Strategies

A House & A Home develops strategies and plans for the on-going redecorating of a room or an entire house, recommending purchases, replacements or services to allow homes to grow along with their occupants.

A beautiful décor doesn't make sense unless it directly enhances the lives that it concerns.

Newly engaged?
A House & A Home redecorating plan adds sensible strategy to gift registries, helping to ensure that gifts fit the style and direction the new family desires.
Moving into a new space?
Our interior design projects can do it all at once or our Redecorating plans can provide a blueprint for gradual improvement and upgrading, ensuring that purchases fit a long-term plan rather than merely satisfying temporary impulses.
Still living in college dormitory style?
A redecorating plan can be an invaluable roadmap for guidance as starter homes are gradually transformed into warm and creative living spaces and ensure that many purchases offer lifetime value.
Live with a partner?
A cooperatively developed redecorating plan can bring agreement and happiness to all inhabitants, making the sharing of space enjoyable as well as practical, and giving direction to future purchases and design goals.