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Design Services

As a full service interior decorator A House & A Home offers the following Decorating Services:

Interior Decoration
We make your home into a functional, harmonious living space. Our one-of-a-kind plans compliment personal lifestyles, while balancing tradition and creativity with a practical eye for common sense.

A House & A Home offers strategies and plans for redecorating of a room or an entire house, recommending purchases, replacements or services to allow homes reflect who their occupants are.

Move-In Services
Our Move-In Services remove the stress of unpacking and worry about effective placement of furniture, art and possessions reducing the turmoil and trauma of moving.

Entertainment and Holiday Decorating
A House & A Home takes the pressure of decoration off by applying our design philosophy to your home and does the decorating for you, allowing you to invite others to share the pleasure of your home.

Staging for Sales or Photography
Staging services by A House & A Home can make a home beautifully attractive for prospective buyers or for photo shoots.